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new Oragir v0.2 beta

oragir v0.2 beta

the second beta version is released. there are following features and changes:

  • can download the whole journal from LJ server and backup it on hard disk
  • allows writing new blog entries and edit existing ones
  • has modern WYGIWYS html editor
  • keeps the archive entries synced with the server
  • improved gui and html visualization
New Oragir 0.2 can be downloaded from here.

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  • kypeli

Downloading comments

Hi all,

In order to process blog content for some academic research, I would need to download the comments for an article. I can already download the articles (by scraping the lightweight version of the article), but I am not quite sure how to download comments. One problem being that some comments must be expanded by clicking on a link before they are visible.

Are there any solutions available on how to download comments for public blog posts?
  • kypeli

Downloading all public articles from a blog

Hi all,

I am looking for a way (for academic research) to download all articles from a blog in XML/JSON format. Is this somehow possible? I know of the RSS feed mentioned on but then I only get the most recent articles from a blog, not all of them.

I would also be interested in a way to get a specific article's content in XML/JSON format, if I know the direct URL to it. I haven't found a way to do this (other than, again, the RSS feed, but the article might not be listed in the feed as it shows only the recent articles from that blog).

I am new to LiveJournal so any help is highly appreciated :) Thanks!
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Does anybody know what is the minimal allowed timeout between two xmlrpc requests to the LiveJournal server? Yes, I know, there is so called "Bot policy" ( that says: "do not connect more than five times per second.", but since LJ documentation is usually not up to date, I need some formal clarification on this, if possible.

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  • pauamma

Net::HTTP::Spore for multiple-service clients

Been a while since we haven't had a discussion here that didn't revolve around "foo is broken!" or "how does bar work?" so I decided to throw this in for discussion:

Has anyone tried using the SPORE specification, Net::HTTP::Spore, or any of the other implementations (Ruby, Python, and PHP IIRC) to implement similar-but-not-identical clients for services based on LiveJournal or Dreamwidth? Any opinion of the modules themselves (if you've used them) or the spec and APIs (if you only read the docs) you'd like to share?