Greg Walrath (gregw) wrote in lj_dev,
Greg Walrath

Problem, again, posting from the Mac

I am posting a lot of the time lately from the Mac using the web interface. Whether I do a regular or full update, the time that pops up in the Local Time information is one hour behind.

I can't find it here, but I know I talked to Brad about this same problem several months ago, and he did manage to fix it - some problem with cross-platform javascript compatibility, since it was (and still is) working fine from WIn32 or Linux.

Now, however, with my iMac under OS 9.1 and IE5 (the problem originally cropped up with IE5 under OS 8.6), the time is back to being an hour slow.

Anything done to the JS on these pages recently that might cause this? Anything?

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