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LJ User icons

The new user icons are nice, but I don't think they really relate/convey "user info" or "profile" or that type of thing. They are done well, but icons are supposed to be meaningful, first. Besides that, the different colors and lack of continuity with the rest of LiveJournal makes them look slightly out of place.

Mart told me that few people had offered any replacement, so there was no little to no choice in what to use as a replacement. Trying to be helpful, I made my own replacement!


Click here to view this user's info lj_dev

(updated: see comments for newer versions and more icons)

It seems to be more meaningful. I made userinfo.gif four pixels smaller, so they are less invasive. They also look good on differently-colored backgrounds; I had made an example but removed it because even though I put a base href in there some idiotic search engine decided to fill up my error log/inbox with 404 errors it caused.

Hope you like.

Note: Yes, I made a matching delcomment.gif, but not the rest of the grey-ish buttons... I just couldn't stand seeing it not match! ;) It's welcome to be used as well...

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