Itchi (itchi) wrote in lj_dev,

Thoughts on dynamicly created static pages

I recently read an article by cmdr_taco/hemos about the evolution of slashdot. One of the greatest things I took out of the article was about the processor load that it takes to generate dynamic perl pages.

The largest hit page on slashdot is the main page, which oringinally was dynamically created for EVERY view. Not long after they noticed perfomance issues they created a perl script to generate the home page on cront_tab once every 5 minutes. Apparently this cut the load on the server by some unreal amount (75%?).

How is this applicable to LJ? Is there a page on LiveJournal that is static? Even the static pages, like the homepage, are composed of BML which has to go through a perl interpreter for ever view. Would it help load to start using plain old boring html?

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