Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Hardware ordered

New hardware has been ordered....
  • 2 new 18 gig 10k RPM drives for Kenny
  • 2nd 866 Mhz processor for Cartman
  • 2 new 512 MB DIMMs for Cartman, bringing it from 1G of memory to 2G. (ordered from Crucial)
Evan --- feel like doing another 3am upgrade this weekend? :-)

An explanation on why we bought the new stuff...

The main reason was because to get both database backups and the directory back up and running safely we need to get a replicated slave database on Kenny. But Kenny only has 9 gig of disk space.... not enough for the LJ database.

So, since Kenny's already going to be down for awhile, we figured we might as well upgrade Cartman before it gets slow. (We've been adding so many webservers lately, the DB is next in line to get slow). So, we decided to buy it another processor.

But, while we have it open, why not give it more memory, too? So we were going to add another 512 MB DIMM ... but shit, why not just get two? After this upgrade Cartman is entirely maxed out. The next step will be buying the Alpha, at which time Cartman becomes the slave database, and Kenny (with its new disks) becomes the image server.

I would've got the Alpha sooner, but we really don't have space for it yet... it's like 11U and we only have, well... no space in Speakeasy's little colo room. Speakeasy is expanding and building a colo room, but I'm not sure how soon.

If LJ is ready to upgrade to the Alpha (Chef) before Speakeasy's ready, I suppose we could always just move to Internap.

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