Christ Sol, the atomic thunderpuppy (ex_infernos856) wrote in lj_dev,
Christ Sol, the atomic thunderpuppy

Webcam32 support?

I havent read right back through lj_dev, so correct mei f this has been covered.

I've seen a few users (such as basschick) putting webcam images, and I thought to myself "hey wouldn't it be cool if LJ update software could take a snapshot from your cam (or a preset URL) and parse the entry so it includes the image.... this would be as simple as adding a left aligned IMG SRC or whatever...

Might be an interesting project from someone out there, I sure as hell can't/won't do it cause I have the coding skills of an eggplant.

Anyway, lemme know what you think... And if someone has found a quick'n'easy way to do this, drop me a comment.


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