Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins
lj_dev development community

There have been a few posts here recently regarding using the LiveJournal code for various things other than on, and this is great.

However, I think it would be of benefit to reserve lj-dev for discussion of actual development, and create another community for discussions about adapting LiveJournal for other applications.

This way, it keeps those focused on LJ development together, and gives people doing non-LJy stuff a place to discuss that stuff. Where the changes they make might be of benefit to LiveJournal, they may also wish to post about it in lj-dev too.

I imagine quite a lot of folks will be members of both communities, but lj-dev was created for a defined purpose and I think we should be careful to keep it focused on that purpose. However, if you disagree I'm sure you won't hesitate to argue with me! :)

It is exciting to see LiveJournal being adapted in lots of interesting new ways, but I do think that discussions about applying LiveJournal code to other applications should be elsewhere, for the benefit of both itself and LiveJournal development itself, even if it does overlap from time to time.


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