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I want to setup a LJ test environment

I am very new to linux and Debian esp. I have been using RH for a couple of years on and off mostly just tinkering nothing serious. I am about to setup a serious machine for doing just LJ dev as I see great potential in modifying it to be a webkam community system with chats and such in it. What I need to know is these things.

1. the best way to partition a 80 gig hd for the debian / lj install.
2. the tools I will require to maintain it well
3. Any other pitfalls and things I should watch out for.
4. How do I setup the Debian server (it will have its own ip on the net adn I am registering a domain for it) to do the aradtech.livejournal.com type thing (not sure what it is called- Virtual domains I believe)

The machine I am setting it up on is gonna be a duel PIII 933 1 gig ram, 80 gig drive , cable.

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated :))

Peace and Creativity

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