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Whee! lj_dev access means one-time bragging rights!

And I'm gonna use 'em, too.
I'm going to give a link-tastic lowdown on what I actually do, then a word-tastic lowdown on what my resume says I can do. There is probably a good chance I can do the things listed here, and even things NOT listed here. Such non-existent skills will be obtained through the advent of 'learning'.

For the past year, I have happily ran, which is a webhosting business aimed at artists. I have handled every little thing that goes on there. Apache, SSHD, postfix, various linux crap, upgrades, MySQL setup, DNS, pop3, customer service, random customer code, daily backups (rsync is your god), billing, machine co-location/upgrade/repair. Blah. All of that good shit that normally requires hired help. This doesn't take much of my time anymore though, since I have automated all of my daily tasks.

To show off my coding prowess (and to just have a place to call my own... on my own server) I started this crappy homesite which features lots and lots of static content generated by a perl program thrown at an XML file. The backend code to the site lies here but is old compared to what actually runs the site now, and doesn't include the XML crap. So don't look at it, at all. I need to fix that.
I'll roll into a quick perl theme, and say that the sites here and here are operating (the server-side BBS part, that is) on clone software I wrote of this horribly twisted piece of shit (again, the BBS part, the java applets aren't something I wanted to touch.)
I also wrote a small banner rotation script for a banner exchange for my customers. It doesn't keep logs or anything else incriminating, nor does it charge your credit card or rape your MySQL server for stats.
I have written various other scripts, but they're not public here. The only other running perl program that I believe is worth mentioning is an IRC robot which lets artists store and retrieve pictures and so forth. No one uses it :)

I have a few other working public code snippits. One java and one (albeit useless) in C.

I used to write a lot of java, and I now write a lot of perl and C. Most of my time is spent writing code for landfish, a new video game company. I write most of the code, do most of the arch design, and even beat Python into a working, embedded scripting language for our first few linux games (it wasn't too hard, just me saying that I know how to use Python. :)

At home, I completely lack usage of a windows machine (hah, no link!) and instead use linux solely for my workstation, and a few of my servers. You can also spot FreeBSD and OpenBSD humming quietly in my humble abode. OpenBSD is the favored child.

I practically summed up my sysadmin stuffs in the beginning, so I won't repeat that.

I also have done a lot of streaming media 'study' and 'practice' -- This just means I don't suck at timing loops.
Aside from that, I have other assorted code skills (I can h4x0r a gameboy!) and sysadmin skills (I worked on a WAN for a while, and my room is quite outfitted.)

I'm quite the security nut. My books on security, firewalling, and bloodied books of zen prove this. FTP/telnet bugs me deep inside, and I tend to not do anything unless it's over an
or SSL connection.


Uh, there's more, but if it isn't detailed already, it probably isn't useful for livejournal. Although ask anyway, I'll probably have some useless trivia on the subject.

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