Eirik Overby (ltning) wrote in lj_dev,
Eirik Overby

LiveJournal client for OS/2!

Hi everyone..
Checking in to tell you fine folks that I've made a LiveJournal client for OS/2. Probably none of you use OS/2, but who cares.. ;)
Currently it does the following:
- Multiple users
- Saving of passwords and auto-login
- Proxy connections
- Downloads journals (your own only for the moment) so you can review them
- Post journals
- Setting mood
- Setting public/private (no groups - yet)
- "Now playing..." feature
Also, it's supposed to support posting to communities, but for some reason I never seem to get this info from the server, so I'm unable to figure out what communities the user has post-right to..

Copla problems:
As mentioned above, I never seem to get the access_* vars sent back.
Also, I never seem to get any params with the journal entries I'm downloading - so I can't determine mood and such stuff..

Anyway.. have to run now, I'm at the airport and my plane is leaving..
Talk to you folks later!

-Eirik aka Ltning

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