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LiveJournal Auditing Factory.


Mark the opening of the LiveJournal Code Audit community. This is be a focused group dedicated to creating full documentation to the current LiveJournal codebase, writing patches for security, bugfixes, minor speedups, and some cleanliness.

It is a closed community, one must contact me somehow to get access... and you should have enough skills to be able to operate on the LiveJournal source code. There is a very strict policy about announcing bugs and security holes... Which is, to state, that you cannot do so. If you do find a bug or security hole, you must send it and perhaps a patch directly to Brad. Once he has fixed the code, applied it, and cleared it, it may be announced.

The goals of this community are focused, but they're pretty big in their own right :)
  • Create a chart of how LJ operates. So that one may trace any feature/function/subroutine to everything that it affects and is based on. So we may intelligently restructure where needed in the future.

  • To have people other than brad do the majority of bug fixes.

  • Getting comprehensive enough documentation on the sourcecode for people to be able to pick up sections of LJ to work on without spending a large amount of time familiarizing themselves with the code.

  • Once it is properly documented, auditing will be continuous, docs/charts will be kept updated, and major work will be done toward getting LiveJournal to the point where it can be installed and managed in business intranets. This is for the benefit of LiveJournal's ability to support itself.

I would love to have some talented people join me with this work, so it won't just be me hacking away past 3am every night :)
We can use any help possible with documenting and auditing, and doesn't necessarily require hours of work a day to make a difference. However, I will try to make sure the work as a whole moves quickly. A day should not go by when something hasn't gotten done. Don't let this intimidate you, though, since it'll mostly be me submitting a page of documentation a day or something similar :)

Comment here or wherever if you'd like, contact me for more information or for access to lj_audit.

As for creating new features and such for LJ... People should be trying to do this. Does anyone have plans on helping out with the LJ code? Who's working on MyLJ stuff? IS ANYONE THINKING OF THE CHILDREN!?

Yeah, I'm done now.

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