Larry "The Al Pacino of Analogy" Gilbert (l2g) wrote in lj_dev,
Larry "The Al Pacino of Analogy" Gilbert

Fix for Support Request #2987

Greetings all!

I'm relatively new here--definitely new to lj_dev. I was helping another user with a support request (#2987) and thought it was significant enough to bring to Mr. Fitzpatrick's attention. He suggested a possible solution and pointed me in the direction of the LJ source. I've implemented it and made a patch. Does someone out there have a test version of LJ who can make sure this works?

Patch for SR #2987

Currently, if "Send HTML Emails" is unchecked in a user's settings, and the user is sent a notification of a new comment, the message is sent in multi-part MIME format with a single text/plain part. This causes confusion when the user's mail reader is not fully MIME-compliant, as the text still uses MIME's "quoted-printable" encoding. With this patch, the text message is sent as a simple plain-text message. There is still no effort made to strip HTML markup from the comment, however. (I don't know yet if that's necessary. The primary issue was the inconvenience of the MIME encoding to some people, and the needlessness of sending a multi-part message when there is only one part to be sent.)

Comments welcome. Thanks in advance.

P.S. Anyone looking at my journal will undoubtedly notice something disturbing, so let me get this out in the open: Yes, I am still writing my journal with help from the Dark Side. Rest assured I am hoping to change that. :-)


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