Порядочная сволочь с мерзким характером (lord_baskervil) wrote in lj_dev,
Порядочная сволочь с мерзким характером

Error: 399 . "Data corrupted"

Hi all. Some times ago I began to get new error from lj-server: error-code: 399 with message: Data corrupted.

Almost all time I get this error after requesting new challenge via getchallenge request. I can get 10 or 20 error one my one, or I can doesn't get error some requests in a row.

Do you have any ideas wtf?
Tags: client, client: authentication

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Ok, I fix the problem: lj server has problems with Accept-Language and Accept-Encoding in request.
What did you do exactly?
I replace Accept-Encoding and Accept-Language with * or you can remove these headers from http request.

Thank you. I shall try.

Aaah! I like captcha here.
Почему перестал работать метод addcomment через XML-RPC Protocol?
PS Пробовал FAT Protocol, но там такой метод отсутствует!