Martin Atkins (mart) wrote in lj_dev,
Martin Atkins

LiveJournal Source Code Archive

The official LiveJournal source repository at has been closed to those who don't work for LiveJournal since early 2014.

As a way of preserving (part of) the history of LiveJournal for posterity, I've created an archive repository, converted from Subversion to git so it's more usable with modern tools, that reflects every change from the LJ Subversion repository up to the end of March 2014.

After a considerable amount of history spelunking (with the help of burr86) I've been able to preserve the authorship information for many of the committers during the coversion to git, where possible using current email addresses to allow the commits to be attributed to each person's current github account.

I doubt anyone wants to run this code anymore (for that, the Dreamwidth code fork is probably an easier starting point) but I personally think LiveJournal made a significant contribution to the disciplines of collaborative development, scalable web application deployment and the social web, and thus I think its history (of which this codebase is a significant part) is worth preserving.

I hope someone finds this useful or interesting someday.

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I found it useful today, so thank you! I'm trying to diagnose a bug introduced into A Sturdy Gesture sometime in late 2014, so getting to look at the code from a few months before the bug was added helped enormously.
Boy, does that ever bring back memories! I had no idea that was a thing I wanted, but it's kind of fun to look back through the history a bit.

It kind of makes me sad that I sucked at socializing (still do, honestly) and failed to maintain contact with anybody, because there were some amazing people (mart and burr86 among them) contributing to LJ during the years I follwed development, and I learned tons from the lot of you.
I have a git repo of ljcom that I made in 2011, and the last update on it was back in 2009, SVN rev

Assuming there were no later changes, do you want it to put up as well? I think I've got all of the other public LJ repos from around then too, back from when I had SVN commit rights to MogileFS & memcached.
ljcom never was open source, so that's probably skirting trouble.