Who, me? (metageek) wrote in lj_dev,
Who, me?

No more private photo uploads?

(I asked this in the support forum, too, but I'm not getting any response; maybe this community is a better place to find the people who know.)

I maintain a photo uploader for Android which uses the Fotobilder API. Yesterday I noticed that private uploads, using the PicSec: 0 setting, were not working: they get an error message:

<Error code='211'>Invalid argument: PicSec</Error>

When I switch to public (PicSec: 255) or friends-locked (PicSec: 254), the client works correctly. And I know PicSec: 0 was working no more than three weeks ago.

Does anybody know whether private uploads have been deliberately blocked in the Fotobilder API for some reason, or is it just a bug?

(On further experimentation, I find that GalSec: 0 is also being refused, which makes me think it's more likely to be deliberate...)
Tags: *unanswered, client, client: image upload
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http://www.livejournal.com/support/faq/255.html was last updated about 8 weeks ago, so it may no longer be correct if the change is 3 weeks old. And http://lj-releases.livejournal.com/84558.html says there was a code push then, but no mention of Scrapbook API problems.
Hello. Does upload of pictures work for you at all now? If it does, what method do you use, just uploadpic or uploadprepare or others?
Yes, I can upload public pictures via UploadPrepare followed by PUT.