Vivake Pathak (vivakepathak) wrote in lj_dev,
Vivake Pathak

Installing Livejournal: location of files and importance of Subversion

I wish to install Livejournal for my website. I tried my best, but I could not find a page or location from where I can download the LJ installation files. My sites are hosted at, and they told me that my account has Perl(v5.8.8), MySQL - 5.0.41, apache-1.3.37, mod_perl 1.29, but no Subversion. So, here are my questions:

1. From where do I download the files needed to install Livejournal for my website? Will I be able to install them through FTP?  

2. How important or compulsory is it to have Subversion for installation and maintenance of Livejournal? Will it be possible to get updates and keep the software up-to-date without Subversion?
Tags: server, server: installation
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It is a shared hosting account, not a dedicated server or VPS. But I am still curious about where I can find the installation files and about the requirement of Subversion.

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Thanks. I love the LJ structure, but It seems I will have to be satisfied with phpBB for my website for the time being.
It would be possible to download the code using a SVN desktop client, create a tarball of it. and FTP that to the hosting account. However, the OP would still need shell access to their server to install and manage their site. Besides, OP's hosting uses Apache 1.3 and mod_perl 1.29, and I'm not sure whether the LJ code still supports that. (IIRC, LJ itself now runs Apache 2 and mod_perl 2 on the application servers.)
I just confirmed with my host: I am on a shared hosting account, and I don't have shell access to the server. The only way for me to run LJ would be to install everything needed on my computer, using it as a server, but that won't be practical.

I was referring to this guide about requirements for LJ installation:

but as you mention that LJ now runs Apache 2 and mod_perl 2, it seems the above guide is out-of-date now. May I know where the current guide is?
I'm not sure the code needs them, so it may not be out of date on that specific point. But there's no doubt it's out of date on other points. There may be some more up to date stuff in dev but I'm not sure whether that's officially endorsed.