DevZone and Hamburg F.A.Q. (va_dev) wrote in lj_dev,
DevZone and Hamburg F.A.Q.

new Oragir v0.2 beta

oragir v0.2 beta

the second beta version is released. there are following features and changes:

  • can download the whole journal from LJ server and backup it on hard disk
  • allows writing new blog entries and edit existing ones
  • has modern WYGIWYS html editor
  • keeps the archive entries synced with the server
  • improved gui and html visualization
New Oragir 0.2 can be downloaded from here.

Posted via Oragir v0.2 (beta)
Tags: *announce, app: oragir, client
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Could you put the image in a lj-cut? It's stretching my fpage badly.
Hi, interesting in using this software, but the installer seems to be be b0rked? I've downloaded 0.2 from the link above, and it won't unpack the exe or any of the dlls onto my computer (Win 7 64bit). Does the 64bit make a difference?
Sorry, ignore that comment completely. Windows was being a gimp, or I forgot to run the installer as administrator. Or both.
Yeah, that was strange, because I tested installer on WinXP (32bit) and Win7 (64bit) too. It should work on both.
Installed and working :)

Are comments going to feature in a future release?

Great software though.
Thank you for feedback. The fact that you have managed to understand how it works without comprehensive documentation is the good sign:)
Operations with comments is a planned feature, of course. I would appreciate if you could explain the desired use model for dealing with comments.
A locally stored HTML page of each entry and associated comments would be wonderful.

As it is, the software is tip top :)
Ok, I see.
Btw, currently Oragir stores all journal entries on local disk (you can download them all), but there is no exporting to html format. Anyways, will think about proposed feature.