Eternal Novice (phillip2637) wrote in lj_dev,
Eternal Novice

'journalid' and 'getevents' response

I'm attempting to write code that will retrieve the most recent few posts from someone's journal (using the flat interface), equivalent to what I'd see if I logged into my own account and then clicked on a link to their journal.

I got the impression from and some comments here that it could be done by specifying a 'journalid' parameter in the request. If I use a request that correctly returns three of my own posts and add the 'journalid' to it, I get strange results. The return is not what I expect and is also not a normal error response. Instead the server is dumping a HTML page down the line with "Error 500!" / "Frank has been chewing on the wires" content.

1) What form should the 'journalid' take? ...the username for the requested journal or something else?
2) If I am doing something wrong, why am I getting HTML instead of an error?
3) Is there a better approach to getting what I'm looking for?
Tags: *unanswered, client, client: entries, server: 500 error

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