Jim Reverend (revjim) wrote in lj_dev,
Jim Reverend

new new servers update

After looking over all of the rack mountable 1U options I that I could find online at reputable companies... I feel our best option is at valinux.com.

Here are the specifics. Please let me know if any of you know of anything better.


  • VA Linux 1000 Server
  • 2 800 MHz PIII, 256k Adv cache .18 Micron
  • 1 GB (4x256MB memory modules)
  • 7 GB 4800 RPM IDE Drive
  • 2 Integrated 10/100 Ethernet Ports
  • Integrated Display adapter.

It seems that over 512K of RAM with a small disk IDE system is a very rare configuration. Therefore, many vendors only offer servers above and below our requirements. This causes me to rethink our purchase plans.

First of all, is our specific application more memory intensive than most applications, therefore requiring the additional memory? Or could we get by with only 512MB of RAM (perhaps... get it in the 2x256 configuration, leaving room for two more sticks, should we need it)?

In addition, how stuck are we on the 1U size? Does speak easy charge us based on case form factor, bandwidth, or both. By going with a 2U case, the manufacturer doesn't have to cram so much in such a small space, therefore resulting in less expensive machines.

Comments appreciated....

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