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Time Issue Revisited

This was discussed awhile back, but has been on my mind for awhile. What's the current reason why we are keeping the current time system, or what was the decision?

For those of you who don't remember, if you view your friends page during the day switch over an issue happens with people in different time zones. You may end up with journal entries for Day X, then X + 1, then X, then X + 1 again. It's more of an annoyance factor then anything else. Also all comments are posted as PT. Kinda annoying for people in other time zones.

May 2 cents. Why don't we store the value as GMT, then per journal convert to some value specified by the journal owner. That way at least your journal is in your time zone, and the same with your friends page. These values can just be converted on the fly to prevent the DB from getting out of sync and not having more then one time zone specified.

I know people have also written things to figure out the time zone on your current computer and convert all the times on the page to that. Maybe stored in a cookie once you login? I don't know the right answer, but just wanted to see what progress and ideas others have.

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