Tomas Gallucci (schpydurx) wrote in lj_dev,
Tomas Gallucci

Attempting to Give Something Back: Tags

Hello fellow programmers!

I'm here to state my intentions, but in doing so, I'm also asking for help, guidance, mentorship and any other form of support or path lighting you see fit to send my way.

Instead of being one of those people that just sits around on their ass doing nothing, I've decided to become proactive. For a long time, I've wanted to a) be able to merge tags on LJ posts as well as b) remove all empty tags (tags with a post count of 0) with one click. To that end, I've joined this community and started reading as much as possible about the code etc.

I see that Perl is the language of choice around here. I also see LJ loves Debian which is a good thing because I also use Debian at work so I'll have some idea of using that OS. As soon as I'm done here, I'm going to get a box and install squeeze and follow that up by installing LiveJournal via the documentation. Then more reading until I find the area(s) I need to hack/learn about to get to the areas I need to hack.

I have six months real-world experience writing acceptance tests in Java. I'm not one of those people that write code for a hobby, but I do live in front of my computer and have many year's experience with these machines, learning more each and every day.

If anyone who reads these lines has any pertinent advice, please feel free to elucidate in the comments below.

Tags: *announce, server, server: entry tag management

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