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Res facta quae tamen fingi potuit

At last, the beginning of a solution to the documentation problems

So, earlier this year and last year, a number of you complained (rightfully) about the missing, incomplete, and incorrect bits in the documentation for the client-server protocol. The bad news is, these aren't going to get fixed anytime soon. The good news is, I've gotten permission to use the LJ volunteer wiki for that documentation instead. The general idea is to take the existing doc that's in, to correct the errors and fill in the holes from the source code and (to the extent applicable) the Dreamwidth wiki, to post it here for review and discussion, and to put it in the appropriate page in the LJ wiki when it's ready.

I (and tupshin and stevieg if they ever get back to me on this) will take care of putting things on the wiki, but because you guys are likely more familiar with client programming than I am (and frankly, because my time is limited and I'm stretched thin), I'm hoping you will do most of the writing and reviewing. (I will, however, help with reading and interpreting server code to the extent I'm able.)

Copyright/licensing issues: When you post something to lj_dev for possible inclusion in the LiveJournal wiki, you are granting LiveJournal Inc. a permanent and non-exclusive license to use your content, and to release it under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 (United States) License with LiveJournal Inc as the entity for attribution. You represent that, by submitting material for the wiki, you possess the rights necessary to make this license, and any text you contribute may be used in LiveJournal Inc.'s documentation at its sole discretion.

Rationale for the above: In case anyone is curious, this is essentially what you agree when editing the Dreamwidth wiki, but with LiveJournal instead. It's also essentially the same as the copyright and licensing language in section 16 (Volunteers and LiveJournal) of the LiveJournal TOS. (The reason for using a Creative Commons license is to allow sharing documentation with Dreamwidth or other wikis in both directions, when appropriate.)

So who's game?
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