Brad Fitzpatrick (bradfitz) wrote in lj_dev,
Brad Fitzpatrick

apache on kenny

apache on kenny needs a beating.
more info later.
some of the dumb bitches I live with are driving me crazy.
must get out of here.
need laptop!

kenny's main problem seems to be that only 256 clients can be connected at once. in src/httpd/limits.h or something in apache there was:

#ifdef WIN32
#define SERVER_HARD_LIMIT = 1024
#define SERVER_HARD_LIMIT = 256

I changed 256 to 1024, then changing MaxClients to 512 didn't make "apachectl configtest" bitch, but it still seemed limited to 256. Is there an operating system limit too? Perhaps on the number of times a process can fork as a guard against fork bombs?

Anyway, I'm out. I'll try and fix this this afternoon.

Update, 11:30 am: I realized in class the Makefile for apache was probably screwed. A 'make clean' and full make fixed the problem. Now all 512 available children show up at /status

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