Insomnia (insomnia) wrote in lj_dev,

RMA / New Server?!

Looks like we have to RMA the other webserver soon in order to upgrade the MB to something less wonky. The problem being that we would have to send the server back to ASL, losing its functionality for 1-2 weeks.

The site has been doing ok without a second webserver, but we would lose all redundancy and could potentially max out the server under extreme conditions. It's also worth noting that two weeks can bring on an extra 10000 users the way we've been growing.

The option to this is that we order a new webserver now, which would probably be shipped and installed in about 10 working days, and remove the other server at the same time and RMA it. This would cost us about 3-7 days of income, but will guarantee that we don't lose all redundancy (i.e. potential for catostrophic site failure) or risk unforseen bottlenecks.

I guess there is a third option... that we don't RMA the webserver. Do we need a new MB? Dunno. The server has been a champ so far, but ASL doesn't recommend using it for what it's doing. (which is kind of odd, seeing it's supposed to be a web server and all...)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Your opinion?!

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