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xmlrpc woes

I'm trying to add xmlrpc posting to Xpostulate, not only to work better with LJ, DW and (insert favorite LJ clone), but also to get wordpress crossposting worked in (since that also uses xmlrpc).

I seem to have sorted out my xml, and am certain I am sending a valid postevent, with one exception,
I've been missing something, which, I believe (thanks to catness to be LJ.XMLRPC.getchallenge data
so, I am now requesting a challenge from the server, then using tdom (tcl parser) to parse the response, but I think I'm feeding tdom the wrong data, because it keeps throwing a syntax error, as if I am not feeding it xml
I thought I was feeding it the server response, which, to my knowledge, should be an xml response, giving me some c0:balbalbalba value (which needs parsed out) to use in the postevent to send thereafter

here's my code:
the result I get is simply error "syntax error" at line 1 character 0
"o <--Error-- k"
this leads me to believe that neither http::meta nor http::status is the variable I need to feed to the parser to get the challenge variable I need
Tags: *unanswered, client, client: authentication, client: tcl/tk, client: troubleshooting, client: xmlrpc

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