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Cross Posting Options

This issue has to do with cross posting to Live Journal, specificly, but there is essentially a mass of options avaliable as to how this should be done in this case. Unlike what I stated in my current post, there may now be changes that affect the way I should go about setting this system up.
Here is the break-down:

I have an attorney site that operates using wordpress as it's CMS.
There are currently 14 different post categories on this site that will be updated mostly on a monthly basis.
As was suggested to me previously, I considered having one syndicated LJ account and using one tag per category.
I would also have to use a wordpress plugin "LJ-XP" to cross post these category entries to LiveJournal.

Here's Where I'm stuck:
Now, it appears that I will be working with another website which is not in wordpress, or at least not yet. If needed I can code this into wp easily.

This site will also have the exact same 14 categories as the wordpress site, BUT the content will be completely unique. I would want to cross post this site as well since obviously there would be fresh, unique content coming from it. Go to this page and scroll down to the bottom to see the posting categories I am referring to. Personal Injury Attorney Augusta. Is it common or recommended to have two sites cross posting into the same syndicated account? They would have the same posting categories... Would there be any advantages to having two separate syndicated LJ accounts? Also, if I don't code the second site into wordpress what's the best way to cross post to LJ since I obviously won't have the luxury of a plugin. I would appreciate thoughts and feedback on this.
Thanks for your help!
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