Сферический конь в вакууме (serge_g239) wrote in lj_dev,
Сферический конь в вакууме

fotoup.pl problem

"fotoup.pl --gallery" does not work anymore:  

fotoup.pl --gallery="Жужова Гора-2009" *
Reading local files...
 001/017 [05.88%]
 002/017 [11.76%]
 003/017 [17.65%]
 004/017 [23.53%]
 005/017 [29.41%]
 006/017 [35.29%]
 007/017 [41.18%]
 008/017 [47.06%]
 009/017 [52.94%]
 010/017 [58.82%]
 011/017 [64.71%]
 012/017 [70.59%]
 013/017 [76.47%]
 014/017 [82.35%]
 015/017 [88.24%]
 016/017 [94.12%]
 017/017 [100.00%]

Getting challenge...
Checking for existing files...
To upload: 0 from data, 17 from receipt

Uploading from receipt: 001.jpg
Adding to gallery: Жужова Гора-2009
[Error 211] Invalid argument: Malformed date:

"fotoup.pl --under" works but does not create new gallery but moves all photos to Unsorted. This is quite new bug: I successfully used fotoup.pl 2-3 weeks ago.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
Tags: client, client: fotobilder, client: fotobilder galleries, client: image upload

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