asLJ: LiveJournal Client for Mac OS X 10.5+ (aslj_client) wrote in lj_dev,
asLJ: LiveJournal Client for Mac OS X 10.5+

Mac Clients list

Looking at the official list of clients for Mac (here), the most recent client to be updated had an unofficial build released over 8 months ago (Phoenix); the most recent official release is Xjournal, at the end of 2008, and the current official versions of iJourna, Phoenix, and zljpost were released in 2006. The link for Journalert is broken and sprote's most recent entry is in 2005. I think the page could use an update.

If it's possible, I'd also like to have asLJ added to the page, as it has all the standard LJ client features and some not found in the other Mac clients as well as having been updated much more recently. While the current version, v0.5, is labeled as an alpha release (the next major version, v0.6, will be labeled as a beta), there have been no confirmed bug reports in the two weeks since it was released.
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