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Oh Where to Begin?

Hey there everyone. Please forgive me if this is the wrong section, I am new. lol

I have been developing wordpress websites/blogs quite successfully for the past two years or so and had a bit of a background in hand coding before that, I am not however, a "pro" web designer by any means. This is more of a hobby than anything (currently work for an mrp software manufacturer/provider by day, still in the tech industry though) :)

I have had a number of potential clients request for me to develop them a website on the LJ platform and truth be told, I really know very little about LJ.

I feel that I am just leaving money on the table by sending these prospects away. I think more than anything, I am really just hoping that someone might get me pointed in the right direction here, maybe a few great tutorials, developers sheet, anything at this point. I would really like to start at the bottom and go from there. One problem I have found, is that when you get used to working with WP's structure and templating system, you seem to become quite used to it, and find it difficult to work in other environments.

- Keith

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