Matthew Kell (calisummers) wrote in lj_dev,
Matthew Kell

Apache 500 internal error


I used to run a sever with the livejournal source code. I had my share of problems getting it working on slackware back then. I am now using Ubuntu, and finally got apache and mod_perl compiled under Ubuntu. So now I am starting from scratch again.

I have tried fresh installs of the lj files a couple of times. Apache starts but returns an internal apache 500 error code page for all requests. error_log shows:
[error] Can't call method "notes" on an undefined value at /ljsite/cgi-bin/Apache/ line 1968.\n

The DBCHECK script also returns Bogus DB: at bin/ line 117. which makes me think there is a problem wiht the db connection, may be hanging the rest of it up. It isnt giving the LJ Internal DB connection problem page however. So I think it has to do with, not having BML setup? or something else.

I am using the instructions at
Are there any updated installation docs?

Any suggestions are appreciated, trying to get back into it.

Tags: *unanswered, server, server: 500 error, server: database, server: internal error, server: troubleshooting

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