kondenzer_admin (kondenzer_admin) wrote in lj_dev,

plurk/twitter/lastfm/delicious to LJ

Hi, I'm working on something that will take your posts for the last hour/day/etc from plurks, twitter, last fm, and delicious and automatically post it to your LJ. The website is at http://kondenzer.com/ and the community is at kondenzer.

It's for a school project actually and while I've gotten some of my friends to test it they're not very heavy users so I can't tell sometimes if something's wrong. In particular, I haven't tested out the performance over long periods of time. It's supposed to automatically post your plurks/tweets/songs/links every hour or at whatever frequency you choose but sometimes I can't tell if there's something wrong or if my friends just haven't posted any plurks/tweets/songs/links during that time period. If anyone would be willing to try it out for me, that would be a very big help. Thank you!

Tags: client: promote

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