mcepl (mcepl) wrote in lj_dev,

LJ formatting ATOM posted HTML?

Hi, I am trying to develop simple XSLT/Python system for publishing Docbook blog on Livejournal, but I have couple of problems which I haven’t found a way how to resolve:
  1. After every three to five posts, authentication fails -- which is weird, because obviously the same login and same password is used.
  2. Of course I have everything in utf-8 (seems kind of natural in the XML age), but seemingly LJ returns to me values in ISO 8859-1, even though I have set HTTP header Accept-Charset to utf-8.
  3. Even though I am sending pure HTML in <atom:content>, LJ still tries to reformat my text, which causes grotesquely misformatted entries, like this one. Why the hell LJ tries to format HTML as a plain text (<atom:content> has clearly set type to text/html and it is in html namespace)?
Any ideas about these questions?

Thanks for any response.

Matěj Cepl

Tags: client, client: atom, code: python

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