keainanhai (keainanhai) wrote in lj_dev,

Polls Not Working in RTE

I just snagged a new copy of the codebase from the repo. I noticed the Update.bml Rich Text Editor page now works in Webkit/Safari 3 which is awesome.

But the Poll creator does not work still. It'll load, but it only shows the 'devSetup' and will not change to 'divQuestions'. In the Safari Web Error Console it reports back:

"Can't find variable: ShowE"

I'm terrible at coding, but here's what I see in htdocs/tools/fck_poll.bml:

function OnDialogTabChange( tabCode )
ShowE('divSetup', (tabCode == 'setup'));
ShowE('divQuestions', (tabCode == 'questions'));

Seems to me like it's there? Or does ShowE need to be declared before that function?

Any help would be appreciated!
Tags: *unanswered, bugs, bugs: rte, bugs: rte poll creation, server, server: code

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