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LJ Flash Lite mobile client /beta

Hi all,

My name's Alex Tur, and I'm a newbie here. But I've came not empty-handed. Let me please introduce the beta version of Adobe Flash Lite 2.x+ mobile client for LJ. This's a simple version for Flash Lite enabled smartphones that allows:

• connect to LJ resource with its XML-RPC API through MobiTile proxy server
• login with user account data
• read user's journal with thumbnails of included images
• review reduced images
• make a new post in the user's journal
• edit previouse events
• delete selected posts
• get list of friends
• manage the list of favorites
• read other journals of friends and favorites
• switch a landuage of interface (auto/english/russian)
• turn off loading thumbnails

Original Adobe Flash Lite format (SWF) file and installetion for Symbian S60, 3rd edition smartphones are published as a part of MobiTile Project at http://www.mobitile.com/?l=en&p=livejournal

Advanced versions are in the way.

Tags: client, client: mobile, client: promote, code: flash

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