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MultiLJ: Feedback request and poll

I've not gotten a lot of feedback yet about MultiLJ and I'm wondering to what extent those who have downloaded it have had success with it. I'm about to post a new version of it, with additional error trapping, bug fixes, and some minor cosmetic upgrades in the friends list. What I'm looking for is some feedback as to how things are going and what I need to concentrate on with it.

Also, I'm looking at several options for continued development. Development of a Mac client is right out for the present, as I'm running Tiger on my Mac and Apple is only distributing a development kit that's compatible with Leopard. However, I recently made my development PC a dual-boot box with Ubuntu, so Linux development is quite doable. So, here's what I'm considering - let me know what there's demand for:

1) An LJ client for Linux/GTK+
2) A LJ archiving program
3) More concentrated effort on MultiLJ, perhaps adding things like uploading photos

Comments would be appreciated.
Tags: client, client: linux, client: promote, client: wanted, client: windows

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