r_eto_x (r_eto_x) wrote in lj_dev,


I realize that this is probably a pathetic question, but I've been wanting to set up an intranet LJ system. The only operating system we have is Windows, though. I'm pretty new to these types of installations, and while I've gone through the manual and did my best to set up the LJ, I haven't been able to figure out how to properly install it on Windows. Some parts worked, but a few of the commands were unrecognized by the command prompt and I have no idea how to "translate" them. I have the latest versions of MySQL, Apache, and ActivePerl and am running a Windows XP.

This is more of a "for fun" thing, but I'd still like to get this set up. Could anyone with experience running LJ on Windows walk me through the differences from the normal, or is it impossible?
Tags: server, server: alternate setup

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