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A Work In Progress - MultiLJ...

I've started work the last couple of nights on a new LiveJournal client for Windows. I'm writing it in Visual Basic 2008, hence it's going to run under the .NET 3.5 Framework. Its working name is MultiLJ, as one of the features of the client is that one can open multiple journals within it - it's an MDI application. I've already got it to the point that it can log into the server and open up windows containing a Friends Page and a Recent Entries page at the same time, if one chooses.

So far, the only problem I've encountered is that I'm having some problem with challenge-response authentication - I don't think I'm encoding my response correctly, as I'm getting an "Invalid password" response from the server. So for testing purposes, I'm using clear-text, though I'd never use that for the final product - I do want to iron out that problem.

I plan on setting up a separate username for testing this client as I go along - I don't want to accidentally trash out the raven_ap_morgan account in the process of developing this thing. I'll announce when I have it running, and I'd appreciate it if some of you would friend me there so I can test various aspects of the program. Eventually, I'll be going through the usual paces of setting up a community and website for distributing this client, but that's Waaaaaaaaay in the future - I've only been at this a couple of days now.

So I'll be keeping you all posted...

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