Jimmy (scenejournal) wrote in lj_dev,

Hiding Also Friend Of...

Is it possible to hide the 'Also Friend Of...' section, I know you can hide friends by configuring that in the ljconfig.pl but I would much like to hide also friend of because I give the option for new users to add me, news and the system account as friends, and I rarely if ever add them back but it still shows them as having me as a friend on my profile...and that's a lot of people.

I did try to use force empty friends for multiple people but it gave me an error I was using something like:

'1' => 'system'
'2' => 'jimmy'
'12' => 'news'

What would the proper syntax be? I'm no pro or even beginner with Perl, but would I need commas at the end of those?

Thanks guys!
Tags: server, server: config

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