Sarah (sarahs_muse) wrote in lj_dev,

Watermarking imges.

Does anyone know of any possible ways of watermarking an image hosted on a server with the logged in users ID?

It's a big problem for some communities; people leaking images.

I was thinking of that small off-site image creation program someone wrote many months ago, I don't know if anyone rememebrs it? It created the text of the persons ID who was reading the post in an image, so to anyone who read a journal entry with these little images in, and thought they were reading a post about themselves.
The posts were sort of like "I had a dream about last night!!"

If a way could be found to do that again, or some other facility, webmasters could create watermarking routines for images hosted with them and this would solve all the problematic allogations that usually go on.
Tags: server

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