Joel Stringfellow (njyoder) wrote in lj_dev,
Joel Stringfellow

Multiple LJ backup software has a syncitems bug.

Many LJ backup software, including the official client, have a bug when doing syncitems where the first batch of items is all comments (i.e. no posts).  LiveJournal Backup / Search Tool and ljArchive also appear to the susceptible to this bug.

I noticed it because my journal is like this and after the LJ-Sec developer reviewed it, he found that the first batch of syncitems for me was all comments and then later I tried experimenting with various backup software and found this bug manifested in many of them.

It seems that most software operates under the assumption that there's at least one post in the first batch and therefore gets stuck trying to do syncitems or otherwise doesn't do the backup properly.

In, if you haven't created a GDBM database before, $lastsync won't be set and normally this isn't a problem, because if there's a single post ("L" type) in the first batch of syncitems, it will update $lastsync.

Here's a simple fix...Collapse )
Tags: client, client: export, client: sync, code: perl

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