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i figured it out

on the win32 client, even though i hate c++ and don't use it much i figured out how to get it to work with windows media player. see what you think (you still need to find some way in the skin to pass the value either in the title bar or where ever etc) tell me what you think

// code blurb
// is MediaPlayer open?
//hwindow = ::FindWindow("Media Player 2",NULL);
hwindow = ::FindWindow("WMP Skin Host",NULL);
//song = GrabPlaying(hwindow, "- Windows Media Player", 22, 3);
song = GrabPlaying(hwindow, "WMP Skin Host", 5, 3);
// end blurb
and ....
case 3:
// i took out the "is this mp3" stuff cause i didn't need it
// return song;
song = this_title;

i re-edited the code cause it looked like crap inside the post window
this is just the parts i changed

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