Ketmar Dark (ex_ketmar) wrote in lj_dev,
Ketmar Dark

endless redirects

i've just installed LJ doing everything like server docs says. everything's working fine except the "update.bml" page. when i go to http://myserver/update.bml it redirects me to http://myserver/update.bml. and again and again and again…

sure i miss some vital thing, but i can't figure out which. everything else works fine though, only this page fails. i can post to my journal with client or with "/mobile/post.bml", i can edit my posts, i just can't create a new one.

i'm not an IT-newbee, so it's ok to be techy. %-) feel free to ask any details that can help to solve the problem.

tnx for your attention.

ps: btw, if i try to change the default port to enything else (and fix DOMAIN_WEB and SITEROOT in to be something like "http://$DOMAIN:1234"), it starts to do endless redirects when i requesing any file from the server. how can i run LJ on non-default port?

pps: a have root access to the box, actually, it's my own computer. %-)
Tags: server, server: config

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