Jason (squeaky19) wrote in lj_dev,

Moving users between clusters

I am trying to bring up a second cluster on my site (I have master which is also cluster1). I am able to provision new users on the new cluster with no issue, but I am not grasping moving users to the cluster (as my current cluster1 is having performance issues). Trying to use ljumover.pl (ljumover.pl -v "1 +active(14) to 2 1500") works for about 5 users then starts scrolling

Unlocking user 32907.
Moving user 'XXXXX' (#32964): src 1 -> dst 2 (count: 5)
Failed to move 'XXXXX' to cluster 2: User 'XXXXX' should have been prelocked.

for the rest of the users it is attempting to move. Can someone give me a hand on this and maybe some advice on what I am doing wrong.

(Edited so it makes a bit more sense)
Tags: *unanswered, server, server: clusters, server: troubleshooting

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