Jimmy (scenejournal) wrote in lj_dev,

allpics.bml Pagination

Hi all,

I am interested in paginating my allpics.bml file. Mostly cause loading 100+ userpics can really slow my servers down. It's not horrendous yet, but I think I should attack the issue before it really becomes an issue. I was thinking pagination would be one way to combat the issue. Although I don't have very much Perl or Javascript experience. I do understand how it should work, maybe someone can toss me a couple ideas of how to approach it.

Pretty much I think you need to use some Javascript, and I am sure there's some loop in Perl that might have to be changed so it only calls 10 or 15 userpics at a time.


Is it possible to host userpics on another server? Something like Amazon S3 or another web server/MySQL on a faster pipe?

Thank you much!
Tags: server, server: code

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