steve98052 (steve98052) wrote in lj_dev,

Curious about message numbers

Messages take the form of "[user-name][decimal-number].html". I'm curious about where [decimal-number] comes from. They're obviously not just sequence numbers, but each message seems to have a larger number than the one before it (back-dating aside). But the numbers don't seem to be global to the server; they'd be vastly larger in that case.

I snooped around the code a little, but quickly concluded that I wasn't going to find it any time soon. So I figured I'd ask here, guessing that someone must have come across that code and had an idea what it did.

I'm just curious about this, not actually thinking about messing with the code. I tried to hypothesize about it by observing my own message numbers, but that didn't give me any hints. Unless the question drives someone else to the same "I really want to know this too" itch I've had for a while, I don't want to send anyone digging deeply for an answer; I'm just hoping that it's top-of-the-head for someone.

Apologies if this is at all off-topic here. I read the current page of entries to get a feel for it, and it at least didn't seem way off topic.

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