scalderwood (scalderwood) wrote in lj_dev,

Can't read protected entries after authenticating

Dear all,

I have written a php script through which to interface with LJ's XML-RPC interface (  When I supply the correct information, I can login correctly, generate a session cookie, store the session cookie, and access other parts of the LJ site that cannot be accessed via the XML-RPC interface, such as uploading user pics.  I can even post and edit friend-locked entries in communities or journals.

The problem is this: when accessing the RSS feed for the community (or user), it does not display the protected entries.  (if I try fetching the community or user page, it will also NOT show the protected entries)

Is there something more I should be doing?  Is this even possible (I assume this is possible since LJ-Archive downloads protected entries)?  (I know I can do this by posting my username/password to the login.bml, but I don't want to send my password in the clear.)  (I have also tried sending the cookie as header through $curl->set_headers($header_array) and sending the 'X-LJ-Auth: cookie' header, but that didn't change anything.)


XML-RPC Class file:
CURL Class file:
Tags: client, client: export, client: xmlrpc, code: php, syndication

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