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LJ Mobile...

Hiya folks,

I just wanted to give my initial feedback on the new LJ Mobile application (v1.22 for Windows Mobile).

Although the application itself has quite a large footprint (over 1MB), I was pleasantly surprised by it. It loads fast, it's easy to use, and responds very fast, particularly displaying thumbnails of the pictures on the device - although it's not easy to identify pictures that are in a specific location on the device. Having said that, I haven't actually tried to post pictures yet.

The main screen of the application isn't very intuitive. It shows icons that represent posts. Presumably these would be thumbnails of photos posted or uploaded? But if it's a text only post, it really doesn't serve any purpose at all. How about putting in a preview of what the post says, or the subject line? Even better, offer a list view, showing a smaller version of the attached picture if supplied.

Anyway, on to the posting facility... there are so many things missing that really should be there. Things like: userpic selection, journal/community selection, moods, location/music, comment options, the ability to use HTML (comes out preformatted).

Another thing that surprised me was the option to edit a previously published post. If you edit a post and then save it again, rather than update the original post as you would expect, it posts a brand new post with your new changes in it. I really don't see the logic in that.

Other than that, I think it's a really good application, and I'm more than just a little bit impressed. I look forward to seeing what future versions yield.

Tags: client, client: mobile, client: windows

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