skyrus9999 (skyrus9999) wrote in lj_dev,

Problem with login in fresh LJ installation (continue)

I been kicked from lj_everywhere so it only place to continue ask..

Thread been started here

I install LJ on local server like it described in docs and have now only one problem - i can not login to my LJ.

If password correct it take me back from to

If i try to load it redir me to and display main page...

So i can't find any errors.

Here answer to last post in prev thread from (potolo)

I change configs as you suggest and place it in

Is LJ have any debug mode or extended logging??? I think some error appear when LJ try auth user... Or i dont know what i can else to do to make it work...

Also i have error when try to load

Can't locate object method "render" via package "LJ::Widget::OfficialJournals" (perhaps you forgot to load "LJ::Widget::OfficialJournals"?) at '/www/' line 63.
Tags: *unanswered, server, server: installation, server: troubleshooting

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