Ender (ender) wrote in lj_dev,

Livejournal INSTALL, Release Canadate 1

This is what I am assuming to be the penultimate install instructions for Livejournal..

To the best of my knowledge, EVERYTHING works with this set of instructions (except for directory.sbml... martmart, even with the sbml associsation, the sbml processor complains about being unable to handle non-bml requests... http://livejournal.enderboi.com for the demo :)

Can someone with access to LJ ftp this to a directory on the main website? livejournal.enderboi.com is my laptop, and I'd kind of like to be able to unplug it from the network and use it AS a laptop instead of leaving it on for people to leach the INSTALL file from :)

Anyway, final comments or corrections anyone?

Install RC1 download

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