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Some bugs

I have a small set of bugs someone emailed me about, and the easiest way to explain them is to just post the email here:

Hello! I've noticed a few small glitches and things around the site so I thought I'd send in an e-mail, just in case you weren't aware of them yet.

I'm sure you probably know of most of the places that still say LiveJournal, but I figured I'd point this one out just in case because I'm sure it's hard to keep track of those things. On the basic generator layouts, the links at the top still appear as:

[ userinfo | livejournal userinfo ]
[ calendar | livejournal calendar ]

And just another thing I've noticed. When using generator, if you are viewing your friends page and try to click on the icon for a community, an extra / is added to the link. For example, if somebody had posted in the community vanityfair and I clicked the icon on my friends page, it would take me to the broken link of:

One final thing! I don't mean to complain or seem nitpicky, I just figure you probably want to be aware of these issues. On journals that have been set to include adult concepts, after clicking the Yes, I am over 14 screen, instead of taking you to, for example:, it takes you to .
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